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"Improving the cycling experience"


Truth - Kindness - Equity

The central element at the heart of Bike2B is the customer. That's why our work philosophy and our product arguments are based on sincerity. 

Every client is unique and we want them to succeed with us. That's why all our advice is tailored and personalised for each client.

« We want the cycling experience to be as wonderful as possible! »







Our mission 

Our mission is to improve the user experience when cycling by offering the best and most innovative products on the market. 

At the time of the pandemic, one point has come back more and more to the heart of the company and that is the human side. What we want most in the world is to keep the human side of our business by being close to the customer and offering solutions and services that will really add value to their work or practice.

We want to inspire the everyday rider, whether they are an enthusiast looking for the product that gives them the most pleasure or a customer who uses the bike as a real means of transport.  So we want to inspire the pleasure of riding and free mobility, we are enthusiasts for enthusiasts. 

The evolution of Bike2b


Based on the observation that many good products are not marketed, the activity is created in a corner of the office.


New cards arrive and it's the beginning of the Commercial Agency, more than a trial, the project is growing little by little.


First move of our stock and a real take-off in the network that trusts us more and more!


After a rapid growth, Bike2b becomes BIKE2B DNA SRL to offer an even better service to its dealers! 

Today's team

Grégory, Owner & Sales FR BELUX

Creator of Bike2b, Grégory has been a mountain bike enthusiast for over 15 years! He has a degree in Marketing and is a bike mechanic. He never stops trying to find the best products to offer to bike shops! 

Mathieu, Logistics & Office

A former bike racer, Mathieu is always full of energy to bring the best service to our customers! With a degree in computer graphics, he is also a valuable element in creating communication tools for our dealers! 

Annamia, Sales Dutch BE

Our so British Lady! With a background in the automotive industry and fluency in all languages, Annamia is our female force in the north of the country! Always learning, she will always find the answer for each of our customers! 

Alexandre, Accounting

Behind every company is a master of numbers! As soon as he can, Alexandre goes mountain biking and looks after the company's health as if it were his own! 

Alexander Hulleman, THE PLUS COMPANY Sales Dutch NL

Expert dans le vélo, Alexander s'occupera de vous sur toute les Pays-Bas ! .

Marine , Invoicing

Sportive et aventurière, Marine sait aussi avoir la tête sur les épaules pour mettre en ordre les comptes de nos clients! 


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