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Fidlock, the brand at the heart of innovation.

A simple gesture

Take your water bottle with you when you go out with fidlock's ergonomic technology. 

The most intuitive binding and grip on the market for riders who want a fun cycling experience.


Fidlock's philosophy

FIDLOCK BIKE is a team of cycling enthusiasts who dedicate their catalogues to innovative accessories for a unique outdoor experience.

FIDLOCK technology is based on opening and closing processes: Attaching and removing a FIDLOCK BIKE accessory is intuitive and fun.

Transport and access your tools with ease.

Fidlock Bike offers a magnetic saddle bag for reliable attachment and even easier access to your tools.

With a simple gesture, you can access your tools. This magnetic technology, combined with fascinating ergonomics, makes Fidlock Bike an innovative brand.

Discover the technology

Fidlock Twist Bottle

The brand's flagship product.

Take on board a water bottle holder with ergonomics and design optimised by Fidlock and its team.

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